Thankyou ULC for the Kind Words and Actions in listening to God and supporting ministry equality of us Australian ULC ordained transgender male asexual forgotten Australian liberation theologian clergy. Your kind words and actions are warm and fuzzy in embracing me when I told you I am transgender asexual as it is not easy for us LGBTIQSGDA+ people to come out of the closet to our families and friends but I felt safe to do so as a ULC ordained minister. The bible teaches us about God’s love without discrimination and Philippians 2:6 NRSV teaches us that, “although one was in the form of God, one did not regard equality with God as something to be exploited.” During a time when so many churches in our world think that they have the religious right to discriminate it’s good to know that the ULC embraces God’s love and will do that which is right to ordain without discrimination which is what real religious freedom means.

God bless the ULC and love in struggle from Australia+.


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