God bless you right now, give God a praise!!!! Thank you Jesus for this soul who is reading this blessing , bless her, bless him right now with knowledge and insight about the invisible demon. Yes, people we have an invisible demon. Lift every soul that needs you right now, help us lord help us. God taught us how to be obedient. Moses was obedient and he open the red sea. Job was obedient and he was cured of the disease and restored to a full life. Daniel was obedient and he was saved from the lions den. David was obedient and he became King. Obedience is not easy because we are human and our flesh is weak. Prayer, prayer prayer is the key to beat this demon. Our obedience is keeping a face mask on in public, wearing gloves if possible and was your hands for 20 seconds. Yes, the virus can live on surfaces from hours up to 3 hours. Give God a praise. if your love one is sick please God is with them. Our flesh want to help and be by their side, but this Demon will take everyone who is not obedient. Jesus loves you!!!! Jesus will never leave or forsake you, tust in the lord, we have a mighty God of love, and he will protect us, he just ask we be obedient.

Psalms 121:1-8

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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