I lost my dear and loving wife of 32 years in March of 2016. The next 2 years were dark, with no sunsets. The loneliness was weighing in on me. Then, after a year of writing back and forth, to a wonderful woman I met, we finally got together. Never did I think for a minute I’d remarry again, up till the moment we got together in person. She came up North with her son and his friend to help me gather up my things. Spent 3 weeks loading a U-Haul, and putting my home up for sale. The sparks started to fly between us, and marriage was in the immediate future. That special day was this past December, when we exchanged our vows. God had brought us together. To date each sunrise is like the first all over again. So yes, He does move in mysterious ways, and no one can see ahead to what our Father has in store for us. God kept that distant lighthouse lit, and each time that light came around it was a little bit brighter then the last. Now I enjoy that cup of coffee each morning again, and give thanks for all He provides. May God Bless all of you, as he’s blessed us. I pray that light shines as bright on you.

Pastor Marc

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