I can’t possibly include all that I am grateful for in one post. I would be here all day and half of tomorrow! So this is just a start!

I am enormously grateful for the ULC community that continues to come together and represent for the Universal doctrine (religious freedom and doing only that which is right). And in such a supportive and loving way! Bless each and every one of you for that.

I am endlessly grateful for the connections I have made here. Not the least of which has been my renewed connection with Lightworker Violet, whom I have known online for over 15 years now. She has infused ULC.NET and the ULC Seminary with a fresh and vital energy that will continue for years to transform the mission and the lives of those connected to it. We are just beginning to see that in the new site design and platform and in so many other ways!

As a resident of northern California, I am of course grateful that we have been kept safe. Although the terrible fires have disrupted the lives of so many in such a fundamental way, and the loss of life and property is horrific, the potential existed for it to be much worse. I am grateful for the magnificent way the community (both locally and globally) has come together in support. The voluntary outpouring of help and donations has been overwhelming, and evidence once again that despite our foibles, there is hope for humanity!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Brother Kevin

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