I ask for prayers for Mary Tregner, that with her Alzheimer’s she was able to understand taking Jesus to be her lord and savior and that she truly believed that Jesus died for her sins and got saved by Jesus today. I also have a prayer for John steckman whom is in the hospital, mr Snyder whom has no intentions of having a salvation track read to him, David Cramer that he will continue to grow closer with Jesus, and get saved if he hasn’t done so already, Dorothy crapse whom her eyes gives her problems everyday, and her health and all residents in the Benton house will open their hearts to Jesus and want to learn more about him. My husband and I
that we both will surrender completely to god by quitting smoking and surrendering my rabbit to him. My name is melissa and my husbands name is James lee. And special prayers for Israel and other countries that have religion wars going on that they will find peace. and my sisters husband artemio anastacio who is a satanist please pray for him to open his eyes and all those out there in the world whom are blind to the truth.

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