Please pray for my son who is going through rough times with his health. He and myself were diagnosed with some heart issues a few years ago now and we both had failed heart ablations so we deal with these issues as it is but now we are dealing with something else with my sons health. He was just in the hospital and doctors think he had a Grand Mal seizure. He has been having issues for years now with passing out and becoming ill but things started to change recently. While in the hospital these last few days the doctors did days of testing to try to figure out what is happening with him. We have to see a neurologist now to see what all his tests might reveal. Hoping he does not have epilepsy or something of that nature but things point that way…not sure what is going to be the outcome. Prayers please for my son. He is scared, anxious and frightened of what is to become of him and his life. We are feeling the same for him. He is only 23 and been through a lot already. Hard for him to deal with not being well. Prayers for him, please.


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