I am requesting prayer for two things. First I am requesting prayer for a better job because the one I have right now doesn’t keep me busy and I would prefer to have something that would keep me busy but also something that I would enjoy. I am up against a few roadblocks, however, as I don’t have the qualifications necessary to land most jobs that pay halfway decent and I live in a small town that offers very little in the way of decent job opportunities. But I know these roadblocks are no match for God.

Second request is I am going through a divorce right now and I am very lonely and I’m asking that God bring the woman into my life that he set aside for me to marry because I know that my first wife wasn’t the one. With all the social distancing measures right now and all churches being closed it makes the already difficult task of finding someone even more difficult. I know that neither of these two requests are too difficult for God and I am requesting prayer for these two things. Thanks in advance for the prayers and I wish you a blessed day.

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