Everyone who reads this, could you take a moment and offer a prayer for gentleman in my community, John M, had been a very sick man running out of options and desperately in need of a liver transplant, he finally made it on the transplant list and the wait began, his amazing wife at his side always, she too in need of a life saving kidney transplant, John M. Was called to report to the hospital a liver was available but even though it was a match it was not a good enough match for John and he was sent back home, weeks passed by his condition worsened, a 2nd call to report came in a liver was available, but again they couldn’t transplant, holidays passed John became sicker, a 3rd call came in, a liver was available, this time everything was good to go and the transplant was a success, Glory to God, Weeks went by John was doing better than expected, except his kidneys were not working, another miracle took place, his kidneys started to work again, then this past week John was having trouble breathing, his lungs were filling with fluid, John was critical, Doctors/Nurses/Support Staff worked feverishly to save him, prayers offered by our community, his family, friends, people accross the country praying for John, Prayers were answered, John improved and is doing well, Mutiple miracles have taken place.

So if you’ve read this please say a prayer for John an his wife, that he continues to improve, and that soon they can return home.

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