My Prayer is for everyone both directly and indirectly effected by the virus,that a solution,a vaccine,cure,effective treatment be found soon,that cases drop off,that there is much healing,and that there be a good deal more compassion and kindness shown to the effected,especially those who have lost loved ones,or are actually battling this illness themselves,and those not able to be helped with certain needs because of the fear of this virus causing a shutdown of everything,and for everyone who is generally living in fear right now,that this come to an end soon,that things can just go back to normal as soon as possible,and the world heal.And that those in need during this time be able to find some comfort and solace,and protection,and a place if need be.I pray that something extremely miraculous happen and soon to ease everyone’s minds,health,fears,and safety,and uplift those who are really in need of some hope and help and comfort at this time.


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