I would like to Thank and Pray for All of the hardworking people of Universal Life Church. They have given me a home, a chance
and support for my ministry and my work. I dislike the amount of over-organization and money involved with other religious organizations
and churches. ULC gives an alternative so I be ordained and get focused on my work instead of paying thousands of dollars to attend a seminary
(which I cannot afford) and go into deep financial debt. ULC has an affordable Seminary that I am enrolled in that I finding very education and fulfilling.
I also, find myself very much in line with the practice and faith of Universal Life Church (and other churches, traditions, organizations, denominations and
religions like it such as the Unitarian-Universalist Association.) With ULC I can practice my Universal Christian, Pagan, Druidic, Celtic Christian, Native American (Pan-Indian), New Age and generally Universal Faith.

My Hope and Prayers are with you! Thank You, All of You of Universal Life Church!

Rev. Darrin

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