I love God Above everything else and everyone!
I am grateful to be alive and well!
I am grateful and appreciative of the wonderful things that I have , which are many blessings from the Almighty!
Now, more than ever, I treasure the really important things in life. which are usually free, like breathing the beautiful air, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, walking by the park and enjoying the sounds of the birds and the beautiful colors of all the flowers, witnessing the magnificent work of God, above in the heavens, and here on the ground!!
I am not afraid of anything that happens in the world for, I am sure, that God is in control and I feel protected and loved by the Almighty at all times!!
we are HIS children and HE promised us to be always with us!
So when you are in fear or in Dowd remember his words, HE will not for sake us, ever!!!


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