We thank you, supreme and most high Trinity, by whose grace alone we have attained the light of your knowledge.

Holy Name that must be honored, the one unspeakable Name by which our order blesses the All.

We thank you who deign to grant – to all – of the Force’s fidelity, reverence, and love, along with any power that is sweeter, by giving us the gift of consciousness, reason, and understanding:

The Focus of the Consciousness, that we may know you;

The Wisdom of Reason, by which we may seek you in our dim suppositions;

The Knowledge, by which we may rejoice in knowing you;

And we who feel the Force do indeed rejoice because you have shown yourself to us wholly. We rejoice that you have deigned to make us gods for eternity even while we depend on the body. For this is mankind’s only means of giving thanks: knowledge of your grand majesty.

We have known you, the vast light perceived only by reason.
We have understood you, the true life of life, the womb pregnant with all coming-to-be.
We have known you, who persist eternally by conceiving all coming-to-be in its perfect fullness.

Honoring you by the observance of the Force and by this prayer, we ask only this: that you wish us to persist in the love of your knowledge, that we never be cut off from such a life as this or the current of the force.


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