Pray my noisy, upstairs neighbor & her kids from now on will be quiet as a church mouse. Pray that my apt mgr had a talk with Unit D & gave her noise violations. I haven’t been feeling well for about a week now. I am always cold, body aches, cold hands & feet, lower back pain, headaches, tiredness, dry cough, dry haves, nausea, etc but no fever & no appetite. I am feeling yucky! Pray to heal my cold hand & feet & this bug. Pray for God to remove any infirmities from my body. I am depress & lonely. I am stress about the coronavirus and my noisy, upstairs neighbor. I am also sleep deprived. I am not getting my 8 hrs of sleep becuz my upstairs neighbor keeps me up @ night. I am a single Mom of one & my adult son moved out several months ago. Pray we have a better Mom & son relationship. Tyler respects & love me as his Mom. Pray I get along with people better in general. Please pray to remove any negative energy on my body or in my apartment. I love helping and taking care of people. I am an CNA/caregiver. Pray for the people suffering with coronavirus, cancer & terminal illness. Pray that will find a cure soon for all of these disease soon. Please pray for me. Thank you!


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