My husband and I would be beyond grateful for you to specifically pray for our son to be COMPLETELY healed and for my husband to receive major favor, privilege, and promotion at work so that we can receive the home God has called us to this year as prophesied. We took a tremendous leap of faith in January when we brought our son to a healing service. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit and he received amazing healing from strabismus and amblyopia (there is no cure for it in the world) among other eye issues! Praise Jesus!! We are just about to receive a miracle and the enemy is attacking us , our 7-year old son, his dust or pollen allergy is severe. It takes him two hours to not have a runny nose and wipe his eyes in the morning. Last month, the enemy sucker -punched us with his pediatrician speaking lies of Joshua’s healing. She said he failed the eye exam portion ( Which I also did) and he has a monocular vision in need of surgery right away. Joshua later confessed that he gave up o the test because he was afraid. He has done that before. He went from 3 hours of eye therapy a day including patches and bifocals to not wearing glasses at all!!!! He had to wear two sets before, one for play and the other for school. We stand on his COMPLETE healing for his eye to never turn in again or experience any type of affliction from the enemy! Please pray for our 5- year-old daughter,Emme who is seeing witches in her dreams and she is filled with lots of anger and fear. Please pray for the peace of Christ to flood her heart and overflow. We would also appreciate prayer for family salvation and protection. Thank you soooooo much!!! May the Lord bless you with Ephesians 3:20 and Luke 18:27!!!

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