God be the power upon your head right now. God bless YOU daily with strength, power of healing and power of wisdom. There are two striking books in the King James Bible.

The first book is Job. Job was tested by God and the devil himself to see if Job will curse God! Job’s heart stayed with the lord but his physical body deteriorated. Jobs mind continued to praise GOD! The devil loss because Job’s soul was with God. God also said to Job, take up your mat, meaning get up and stop complaining. God said YOU are more than the fowls in the air, yet they find food and shelter. YOU are loved, YOU are in his image!!

The book of Psalms is written by King David. As a young kid David was full of energy and he loved his father in heaven and his family. He was younger than his brothers and so his job was taking care of the sheep. He was a Shepard. He had a kind heart. He prayed daily, but his prayer was full of repentance and restoration. He asked daily for restoration of his soul in everything he did. Goliath was most feared because of his mere size. David as a boy showed courage, he was fearless because he knew God.

The point and the living word in both books is Life, Obedience, Faith, Hope and LOVE. Today you are blessed with love and to turn from sin. In the name of Jesus I put his blood upon your head and that your life is important to the purpose of the lord.

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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