Let us pray

O God come to my assistance.
O Lord make haste to help me.
O God hear my prayer
And let my cry come unto the.

Dear God,

Thank you for all of the material and spiritual wealth that you have so generously provided for me from yout hand.
Thank you for a home that is safe and warm and comfortable.

Thank you for a church I can learn more about you.

Thank you for the people who are around me with love and kindness who offer me encouragement and emotional support.

Dear God,

all good things come from Thy hand.
Allow me to petition Thee. Dear God, that Thou wouldest continue to draw me nearer to Thee, as Thou drawest nearer to me, and to my family and friends whom I love so dearly.

Thank you, Dear God for providing what we need both of the necessities and the good things of life.

I pray for those poor souls who do not have enough, for those who are homeless, indigent, destitute. despised and rejected because they do not know Thee as their God, sustainer and provider. I pray that they may begin to know Thee now.


R. J. Goldberg-Ives

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