Psalms 91:4 “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”

This powerful message is about Trust and Truth. In our daily lives our mind is not focused on God. How do I know, because I struggle each and everyday to keep my mind from worrying about paying bills, I struggle each day that my family is safe. That’s my truth, sometimes my mind is so worried that’s when the devil steps in and says “You can’t pay your bills so put your trust in me.”Now you rebuke that devil because he is a liar!!!! Face your truth God is truth so pray from your heart that YOU put your truth on the throne of forgiveness.

Second part of ” truth” is Gods truth. He is an forgiving God, but he is also a Jealous God. You shall not worshiped any image, idols, or any other Gods but our heavenly father. Truth is the 10 commandants, we must live in his light. We all fall short of his glory, but because of his mercy, God sends his angels to keep us safe. We cannot understand Gods truth, but he gives us chances to pray for our souls to be saved. Sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth.

Third part Psalms 91:4 is Trust. God want us to put our whole heart into him! Faith in God is trust, hope in the lord is trust, understand that we are saved is trust. Prayer for safety is trust. “Trust in the lord, ” many of you have herd this term, turn from sin, turn from sin, turn from sin ask for forgiveness. God hears your prayer

Senior Champlain Melaney

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