Hi folks, today I left the safety of my home, which I have not left since before lock down on 26th March 2020. Not even to go for a walk around the block. I pumped up the tyres and oiled the moving parts of my 10 dollar bike, taking fresh fruit from my garden to my mum. I celebrated my birthday alone. Still I wouldn’t leave, just because everyone else was exercising because they were told they were allowed to. I was waiting for my heart to direct me and no one else. Truth speakers who stand in honor are not sitting inert on their couches glued to the hypnotizing TV, they are working round the clock …to bring real insights and accurate information to us via the Internet, so we can make informed decisions about our own destinies. This is not a dictatorship. And anyway I work for God and He works with me. Right now there is a battle going on between good and evil. The White Hats are winning. I am grateful beyond words for your bravery and courage in these testing times. You are protected by the Divine Shield of Electric Blue. God has already blessed you with an Honorable Victory. Deborah L


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