God is talking to us right now!!!!! God bless you for learning about the lord’s word! God is healing, God is almighty and God is grace. No matter where you are in life, tempted by the devil of wrong doing, sickness is all around us, the virus have taken many of God’s people to glory; however, obedience is what God want from each of us.

In this Chapter of Ezekiel talks about “us” people who are not confessing their sin, people who are giving thanks to false prophets, God loves us, he will never forsake us!!!! God is telling us that the church is for worshipping him!!! not to make money, or benefiting yourself instead of the lord. Many churches use God reference in order to donate money. God wants your heart, your soul, to live eternal.

Some of you may be the first time reading bible study and that’s great “welcome” Jesus is here to help us understand the word of God. The book of Ezekiel is powerful because it’s about US not listening to the word, the way we are living in sin. God know’s we all have sin in our flesh; however, he wants us to live a clean life.

Ezekiel 5:16 Famine, which we have experienced during this pandemic. No food, grocery stores limiting customers, meat factories were closed due to the virus, in this chapter explains that God wants us to turn away from sin, judgment is set, pray, God hears our prayers turn from sin.

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