God bless YOU right now…For the lord our God shall bless you beyond measure

Ezekiel was once again taken by spirit to look at the bones in the Valley. The bones was so massive from the eye can see. Jesus is consistently teaching us to watch, learn and believe in God’s word.

Chapter 4-7 The lord said tell these dry bones to live…Ezekiel full of the holy spirit told the bones to take breath. LISTEN and OBEY what the lord is saying. The bones was dry and dead, just like our spirit dry and dead when we turn away from our savior. The promise of God even before the world began Titus 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;” The promise was our soul will have eternal life. As these bones are dead they are alive because of God’s promise.

Each of us are convicted with sin, affliction, sickness, violence, racism, abuse, these are part of the bones that are dead, part of our spirit when we don’t repent, and carry our cross to salvation. Yes, habits are hard to quit, Yes, injustice is part of the world, Yes, racism is faced daily, Yes, we lost our jobs in the pandemic. GOD still hold’s us close to his light and love. Prayer and a forgiving heart can bring power to your life. As we Ezekiel a witness to the lord’s power gives us a testimony of LIFE to come, LIFE can change our lives when we have GOD in our life.

Give God a praise, he is here with all of us when we are at our lowest he keeps us close to his bosom. God bless YOU right now, may you find peace and grace in his word.

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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