Chapter 1
Let’s start who is Ezekiel? Ezekiel was a priest that was chosen by God. God gave Ezekiel visions specifically of the children of Israel. When we speak about any country of origin we have to understand that God chose certain people to lead his people. The scrolls were written according to what God wanted it to say to us. So, don’t get hung up on “Bad People” remember all that is in the flesh is of Sin, that’s why it’s important to understand the bible verses. Ezekiel witnessed a whirlwind and fire (God) revealed four living creatures.

Chapter 2
God said don’t be afraid, I want you to face the house of Israel a rebellious house which turned their back on God. God gave Ezekiel a scroll to eat which every word that is written Ezekiel was able to deliver to the house of Israel. God encouraged Ezekiel don’t be afraid how they look or their words. Ezekiel lived among briers and scorpions which most people lived in this type of condition back then.

Chapter 3
Ezekiel ate the scroll which tasted like honey. Every word written on the scroll was received in Ezekiel’s heart. God was able to transform Ezekiel to withstand the hostility from the house of Israel. God gave the people a chance to repent from their sin’s. If you sin, and did not know the law them your sin is forgiven; however, if you sin and you know the law then you are not forgiven.

How does this apply in our lives today…. We pray daily for strength when we need guidance, we pray for courage when we are facing a final exam or entrance into college. We pray for healing when we are sick or diseased with cancer. We pray for employment, or not enough money to pay our bills. God want’s us to be obedient and lean on him, trust in him. Come on people can I get an AMEN!!!! This is only the begining of life turning our life over to God.

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