God bless you for committing yourself to thrown of knowledge. God is ready for your heart, soul and mind to learn of his power and mercy upon his people. it doesn’t matter where you are in life God loves you. No matter what sin you committed God still will give you a chance to repent. In the Book of Ezekiel God uses Ezekiel as a vessel for his word and his power.

Chapter 4
Ezekiel was instructed to go to the house of Israel and camp among the rebellious people; however, God specifically instructed to camp for three hundred and 90 days on the left side. Then lie on the right side which is the house of Judah for forty days. God’s time was each day counted as a year. God also instructed Ezekiel how to prepare food which was bread and water. Don’t take this lightly (bread and water) bread by weight and water by measure. This is so important and powerful God broke the bread in Jerusalem. God is really talking about sin of the flesh. God showed Jerusalem that no matter if they turned their back on God. God is still divine and want them to depend on him. God is asking the same of our life to depend on the father, son and the holy spirit.

God loves you!!!! Come unto his throne of forgiveness and courage.

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