I truly am grateful for my ordination with ULC, it has been nearly a year now.

In late july 2018, 11.50pm, I stood in the back yard and watched as a bight white star zoomed
along the skyline and stopped in the night sky some distance from me, I watched transfixed at
its brightness, oddness. Then, the star like wonder went straight up into the night sky, past all
the other stars and vanished into the darkness. I later filed a report with MUFON and within an
hour found myself registering with ULC as a minister.

I am true to goodness, the earth world, the animal kingdom and fair play, so the words of ULC,
‘Do what is right’, seemed to be right up my street, I signed on the dotted line. I did recieve one
phonecall from a UK MUFON investigator, asking me if the sighting had changed me in any way, I
replied, ‘ask me the same question in a months time’, but they never did. One month later at about
the same time, I saw the sky star again, heading from north west to south west, other small white
dots above and beside also moved after the star had passed over the rooftops.

So, I hope you can see from my shortened story why I am truly grateful for my ordination with ULC,
my ordination came at a moment of great vision in the night sky, I have had a few of these experiences
over the years.

‘A good deed a day keeps the sunshine in play’.
Kindest regards to all ULC ministers

Minister Charles

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