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  1. Rev. Cam I understand and u came to the right place I must applaud you for be coming a rev. Welcome sis . And as so many tell me here there is women in the christian catholic My favorites are mary madagalane mother mary . Remember allow god to guide you and you can send me a message any time . I been there . It sucks not for us for them .
  2. I was being teased about being a women preachers and a woman .i lost my ambition to keep studing all religions . I lost the drive and my faith . I just recently got it back . And still keep working on my study not only do i make my mom proud i am making me proud as well Because i decided i was too good to give up on some thing i love to do .and even tho i get teased i think to my self these people who tease me is not and will not be able to know the hell i went thru in my life walk a mile in my shoes
  3. I wish teachers or preachers will do the same here
  4. What country do you live in ? In the usa 300 a month you will. Qualify for food stamps and medicaid you dont need to have 14 kids there are many forms of welfare
  5. True i find people read what they want to nothing else
  6. True i think people dont realized it I think people get their head out of the box they will be better off ( pardon the pun)
  7. Yea i agree I ve been called stupid dumb Idiot and women shouldnt be preachers Huh never box top I think nothing good can come out of someone Calling us names I think to myself must be hard to think w a pea brain when some one picks on me
  8. Wow i like it Powerful And i agree people should be moore open minded
  9. I wasnt sure were to put this there no health forum. Any way i was mis diagnos w a inherited disease called charcot marie tooth . I have all the symptoms but not the disease . I was born my twin wasnt i have his genes i guess . But my question is how can a person w variant genes inherited any disease i guess
  10. I still dont believe in our tax money going to prisons for learning so seeker Sometime we cannot choose were our money goes so we complain when it goes there or dont complain Lordie
  11. True meredog But i wasnt speaking as a christian i was speaking as a person who was teased alot Peace Lordie Thanks brdevon I have a rule treat unto to others as you want to be treated it is also the golden rule Peace Lordid Yea i know i misspelled my name
  12. Grateful My comment is not to judge people it is a sin As for christians i met a few . Rather or not religious we as humans have no right to judge Some one if we do we will get karma thrown back at us . Peace Lordie
  13. Thanks i needed a laugh and a pep talk Peace Lordie
  14. Thanks for the replies but it aint about gangs or emo it is about judging we shouldnt judge hey as christians were do we have the right we dont . Only our god does it is not fair to judge any one Peace Lordie
  15. I am sorry to hear about your mom May she have luck and faith beside her Peace as well Lordie
  16. I pray for my mom to live long She has dementia early stages and just has been in remission from cancer i pray she lives a long time . I also pray for quidance because my bro is trying to steal something from an old friend i pray for knowledge to know rather i should tell friend or not Amen Peace Lordie
  17. Alot of responses Ok well teach a man how to fish is great But sometimes we have to do more than teach Peace Lordie
  18. Tru brother kaman I agree but not to make this a debate I think there should be help for others to Maybe i feel for the low and mid class Peace Lordie
  19. Sorry to hear about your illness cuchulain I didnt mean to judge but if our tax pay for something like your medical care while in jail how come jail dont allow inmates help like yourself . Peace get well Lordie