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  1. Rabbio I think smurf is trying to say is to many people are telling too much about the doctrine that isnt tru . And i know how smurf feels i get told off all the time about my beliefs and my morals
  2. I agree and i never thought of it that way kokigami
  3. Amen raincloud And dan56 yes i get the point as well And true i heard there allowing him to come back to duck dynasty after he makes some public service annoucements
  4. Brother kaman and fawzo I dont get it neither hey give me a good law and order or adam 12 any day than reality tv .
  5. Smurf i am sorry about your relatives And as u know i was a caregiver my self but my reasons for being a minister is to stop the lies and preach hey god loves us all And on duck dynasty dont get me started on that one in my opinion any preacher shouldnt defy or act or pick or bully on the flock of the world
  6. I strongly disagree w a& e actions to allow ths show and i agree w fawzo Some of my friend were born w both genders one married a woman the other one married some one w mutigenders Do u think jesus like hearing his bro and sis in the gay community pick on no he doesnt Put your self in the gay person shoes being bullied and called all different kinds of names mmm i wouldnt like it would u think about it would u no u wouldnt . Peace
  7. I second that brother Amen We shouldnt harm orjudge any one different
  8. Dont you think our children gets teased and bullied Enough w out someone on tv picking on gays and African americans . Picture this your child coming home from school Crying because her hair was in a pony tale and all The kids heard that girls w pony is as easy as eatinng Soup and she gets attack .so u as a parent calls the school And the school laugh it off . Because they believe whatever A celeb said so u daughter cant finish school cause she was Raped and no one cared but her . And u Mmm really !!! Now listen to duck dynasty same concept So when ur kids come home w the weird gay comme
  9. You are right atwater And i dont watch it neither It is just sickens me after all theses years we still pick on people . This day and age it is sad and when i said i ve seen gay bashing i have My friend was gay bashed . She didnt make it For 8 years my one friend suffered w flashbacks of that horror he eventually commited suicide . We are seen some form of violence in our lives dont you all think it is enough w out watching it on tv or hearing it out of a icon mouth .
  10. In certain faith sects denominations Women are not allowed to preach hold church And in spirituality it doesnt matter I believe we women can do anything thanks youch
  11. Geeze My point is god loves all One bible quote isnt the whole bible . I actually saw gay bashing and african american bashing by use via the bible . I find this sad and not only sad but walk a mile in their shoes . I have . Fawzo if this gets to heated feel free to erase it if u can thanks
  12. Yes i mean duck dynasty i personally dont watch reality tv or allow my kids to watch it I strongly believe if some one wants to be a christian or a patricial they should hold a better role for the world esp. When they are on tv representing their network and their show he couldve kept his mouth shut and no one would be asking questions about any thing . If he want to make fun of gays african americans it is not freedom of speech in my book it is hatred down right . That he is pourtraying on our inocent children and people who assume to know better but dont . I personally think that if he did
  13. Yes smurf it is as u read the end of tim 2 you will find will paul salutes women . Have fun smurf
  14. Thanks revjackp I am doing better .
  15. Please pray for my friend she just lost her husband to a massive heartattack She is taking it pretty hard Thank Lordie
  16. Thanks reverendv And atwater vitki How nice
  17. thanks emalpiaz and rev.jack both are very inspiring and yes i will not give up thanks
  18. what is the 3 heavens in mormon theology ? and were can i get a mormon study by mail ?
  19. True But sometimes i wonder if we are teaching the right education . When people milk the system Just a thought Lordie