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  1. No, I mean that intolerance IS the reaction or response to change. It's only a label, and it is the response that gets labeled. It isn't the cause, it's the end result. The cause is basic ignorance.
  2. Being a god or vampire doesn't cause others to confront their sexual insecurities.
  3. I keep thinking about how some Christians in the United States have somehow taken the country's enhancement of civil rights (gay marriage, etc,) as an attack on their freedoms of religion**. I don't have anything intelligent or perceptive to say about it, except to suggest that intolerance is only a word. It is only how we react to change, and what we do as a response to it. **Yes, I watch too much CNN.
  4. I really miss being able to create a signature, but I think we might be better off without it.
  5. As One of the Hopeful, I've learned that one gains or strengthens their Hope by offering the same to another. That's the main reason for this thread. I'm celebrating the holiday, not because it was supposedly the birth of Christ, or because it's around the Winter Solstice, but because if there was ever a day in which many people offer Hope to many more, Christmas would be that day. I don't necessarily hold to the notion that Christ is responsible for that Hope, but I am certainly willing to give at least some of the credit to Big J of Nazareth. Cheers to you, as well!
  6. This isn’t meant to be either for or from any specific faith or denomination. Regardless, I recognize the significance of this moment, and I recognize the potential it has for Hope throughout the world. It is because of this Hope (the point and spiritual focus of my faith as One of the Hopeful) that I wish to spread the kind wishes, good cheer, and warm blessings for absolutely everyone. Happy Holidays, and all of my love. Scott Edward
  7. No, brother. The Pepsi I drink isn't diet. The only thing I have to worry about is high fructose corn syrup, which is basically sugar on crack. Nothing artificial. When I'm not drinking Pepsi, I drink tea. Plenty of tea, and I don't bother sweetening it.
  8. I appreciate your thoughts, Seeker. I suspect that others might need your best wishes far more than I do.
  9. Hey! Thanks for the good word, Profit Wycihowski. Take it easy.
  10. At times, living the only way you know how is all that we have left. I have nothing but empathy for you and yours. I appreciate that you've shared with me. I'll mention your mom when I pray to The Source for the evening, I promise.
  11. About a week ago, I tried to stop drinking Pepsi on somebody's advice. My left hand began to ache or hurt for no apparent reason only a day after. It was awful, because I've always been right-handed, but multiple sclerosis made using it impossible. After my right hand became useless in 2007, I was forced to make the other hand my dominant hand. Now, the last couple of days were kind of scary because now my LEFT hand started to ache like it had a piano dropped on it. So what, now I couldn't use either hand? Like I said, it was a little frightening. I picked up a bottle of Pepsi, again
  12. As being 'One of The Hopeful', and the sole minister of this particular faith, I believe my purpose is to set an example for others as to how we should live our lives and/or carry ourselves. The reasoning behind this particular religion is basically that we live in a difficult world, run by a minority that (whether inadvertently or otherwise) work diligently to take Hope away from those with less power or reach. By setting this example, and by establishing that it only takes one to help many, we can prove that we (as a people) can regain the Hope we've lost simply by helping another gain the
  13. I've got to be honest with you. I've no idea what you're talking about, because 'my point still stands' wasn't even meant for you. i appreciate that you're big enough to exhibit that you can take the high route, but I'm not the target you should use as an example. All I was doing at the beginning was trying to take some heat away from Dan56. The man is aa target too often within this forum, or at least it seems like that.
  14. Johnathon-- Technially, and for most of us, scripture is all that we have. Miracles are few and far between, and what else is left for us to turn to?
  15. I've suspected on occasion that the Bible might not have been written to inspire its readers, but to frighten them.
  16. I'm all about spiritual development, so I agree with you. I believe that the only problem is the idea that one set of beliefs are better than another. It's a mentality that impedes understanding and tolerance throughout the world. I don't see how something as positive as theology can be so twisted that it can potentially cause more damage than it repairs.
  17. Seeing things from another's perspective is not a gift that we're born with. It has to be taught and learned; some of us haven't gotten there yet.