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  1. Happy Birthday !!

    Many, many, many blessings of Joy, Peace and Internal Happiness today especially, and always.

    Blessings of Peace,

    “RevAl” - Forum

  2. Within my heart lies a melody....
  3. "Torn"
  4. For me, it's the opportunity to learn without being told that I "have to" believe this or that. I'm able to get a balanced perspective.
  5. Questions to which I actually know the answer. (Or at least have some kind of idea of how to find the answer)
  6. Rarely. Only if it's one that someone I care about and enjoy spending time with really wants to see.
  7. ...a cat came slinking around the corner, drawn by the sound of the parakeets....
  8. Thrift stores are the best places to shop! I never liked current trends.
  9. I love horror movies, the scarier the better. I respect that you don't so I'll share a heads up, too. If someone sends you a maze, don't attempt it. I nearly fell out of my chair on that one.
  10. Thanks for clarifying. I'm terrible about remembering who sang what song.
  11. Anything that starts with "why". "Why" is a word that comes with many variables and more than one answer. It's usually asked by people who are looking for someone to blame and pass judgement on.
  12. ....Kool-Aid, to make them strong enough to knock down brick walls. Then, when they were covered with mortar-dust....
  13. Suds In the Bucket, by (I think) Gretchen Wilson