How do I know if I was ordained through Modesto?

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The following websites are the only sites that are authorized to handle legal ordinations for Universal Life Church. Those ordinations are recorded in the ordination registry at the ULC Headquarters in Modesto for legal purposes to be considered valid:

The genuine and official legal ordination credential certificate of the Universal Life Church bears gold metallic ink, the image of a torch and multiple signatures. Four signatures to be exact.

ULC Ordination Credential -

If you have a credential that does not bear a metallic gold ink, the torch symbol or multiple signatures on the certificate, your ordination or certificate was likely processed through another entity possibly using the name Universal Life Church, ULC, or claiming to be Universal Life Church without having any affiliation to us.

If you are unsure if your ordination is recorded at our Headquarters, please contact the Headquarters office in Modesto.

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