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Rev Kuespert

Another White Buffalo

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The Buffalo was the primary source of life to the plain’s Indian people. The animal provided for nearly all of their needs. Meat, hides, bones, fat, hooves, horns, fur, and organs, provided the people with everyday tools, and clothing, shelter, weapons, utensils, and fuel. They were crucial to the survival for the nomadic tribes of the American west. The Indian people believed that they were descended from the Buffalo, and referred to him as “Brother”. The religious beliefs of the Plains tribes were all based around the presence of the Buffalo. The Buffalo was believed to be a gift of the Great Spirit, and sent to them as a means for their survival. And represents the entire four legged family of creatures. Without the Buffalo, there would have been no chance of survival. A fact quickly discovered by the army, settler’s, and other’s intent on taking the Indian's land, and exterminating them from the plains.

Out of the previous millions of animals, only a handful remained after the European onslaught nearly wiped them from the earth. Fortunately, they have returned, and no longer face extinction. In giving some insight to the relevance of these special white creatures, please understand that being born white in color is viewed as a very sacred sign that ancient Indian prophecies have come true in the eyes of many traditional Native Americans. These white four leggeds are messengers from the Creator telling us that he is among us, and that our prayers are being heard. In order to understand these things, you must understand how all of these things are connected. All of this is interconnected, and all things are connected to each other and form a complete picture. It has been told for generations that when the white buffalo calf returns, the Native American people will be healed as a people, and the wrongs committed against them for countless generations will be righted. We will be strong and the land we now call America will be given back to the Indian people as the original caretakers and inhabitants of the North American continent.

These holy creatures are signs that the sacred hoop of the Indian people, once virtually destroyed, is now being healed and is becoming complete once again. Many have heard the story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. The mysterious holy woman who first visited the Lakota people and gave them the gift of the sacred buffalo calf pipe and the sacred rites that still govern Lakota spiritual belief. As well as the spiritual beliefs of many other Native peoples who now know and follow the sacred ways of the pipe. The most famous calf in recent times, a white calf named Miracle was born in 1997 on a farm in Wisconsin. She has been visited by hundreds of Native Americans, and their spiritual leaders, and many non- natives, hoping to just get a glimpse of her. It is believed that prayers offered to her will be answered much in the same way, as Christians believe prayers offered to the Virgin Mary will be answered. According to the oral traditions of the Lakota people, there have only been a total of nine of these sacred white buffalo calves ever born. Their births are becoming closer together, which to some indicates drastic changes in the world we know. Recent events in the U.S. would indicate that there is much truth in these prophecies.

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Another rare white buffalo has been born to the same farm in Wisconsin. A prophesy and sign to natives.

3rd rare white buffalo born on Wis. farm

This is one story that to others maybe just another animal rarity...

However The Birth of Miracle and Miracles Second Chance both have very special and sacred meaning to me.

I do have Native Heritage as well as Irish, and Dutch. However, I was adopted.. So I lost even the tribe, band, nation name.. The way my biological mother spoke was as if it did not matter, as she spoke as all related.. and of the First Nations.

In 1992. I hit a very severe depression...

I started inhalents, cutting, was suicidal, mainly because I feared one thing.

My dreams and visions, my biological sister at the same time was diagnosed as schizophrenic. So I had thought I was schizophrenic too, and I could not live with myself. So I aimed to kill myself...

By 1993. I had a boy friend who was very sweet to me, and helped me get help, it was a hard process.. to get into therapy... where in then I was diagnosed as severely depressed and suicidal.

I had just gotten off the inhalents, after I explained I did them to BLOCK my dreams, and visions or to give myself an excuse that I could blame my dreams and visions on. Most were of train wrecks and derailments. I seen them before they happened...

What the .... does this have to do about the White Buffalo? ...

My dreams and visions literally scared me.. by 1994 I was clean off of inhalents, and I was praying for a sign and for help from God I'd pray at times and to Wakan Tanka, or other variations of Great Spirit at other times...

Next I know I had a dream... That a woman wearing white came to me. She told me not to be afraid of my dream, that they were right about my dreaming of things before they come true, and she was going to give me a special pipe in a couple of days at a powwow... But I had to promise her that in the morning at sunrise I would read this book, about Native American stories that mom (my adopted mother) gave me.. and stop feeling unworthy of reading the stories of this book, as if I was not meant to read them, I would not have the book. She said to read about the White buffalo Calf Woman, and then believe, and know the Buffalo is coming within our time....and my Spirit. I also around this time had interesting dreams about seeing Jesus's crucifixtion through his eyes, and other really enlightening dreams, that made things I never understood spiritually suddenly make sense.

So the next day at school after I was so touched by the book that I had cried for my first time in three years, another problem I had was suppressing emotions. The Story touched me and I did not understand why... At the same time... I had been on my search... trying to find what religion I was.. and I was learnin the more I researched the more I felt I was... a little bit of all of them...

I went to a powwow, mom told me I could buy a pipe if I saw them. (You do not usually buy pipes, pipe making kits, or replicas.. I did not know this as it was one of the first powwows I went to and being isolated from traditional beliefs I did not know of traditional pipe barriers etc.)

I walked up to this woman I have walked passed many times before... and asked her how much it was for a pipe. She was so upset, that she started to cry wandered back and started to close up her display.. I said Mam, Please listen. I did not mean to upset you. Please let me share the reason I had asked, I had a dream, and told my parents, and they said I could buy one.... So the woman could tell I was not there to offend. So I told her my dream, and I said the Buffalo IS coming within our time. This powwow was Drums along the rock, in Janesville, WI .... She smiled, gave me a big hug, and asked me.. What had took me so long. She then stated that I was the one she had been waiting for, and pulled out a pipe that was different from all the rest. I did not ask her what she meant, as I figured the woman in the dream would tell me... She asked me if the woman told me how to pray with it in the dream, and I explained to her, and that brought happy tears to her eyes as well.. She said the prayers are different, and she got a chuckle out of that I was instructed to Smoke catnip and Sage... And she made me promise to not smoke anything in it until I was over 18 ... I was 14 years old at the time.... and never to allow illegal things to be smoked in it, and to listen to The Lady Spirit in my dream. I promsied, and Ran back to the van, and my parents were jaw dropped I handed them their money back, and said she gave it to me... Then later on told my parents what had happened. Then secretly prayed with the pipe every weekened in the woods, and would light incence not smoke it but I knew that Incence also carried prayers.. So I spoke the prayers into the end of it...

I also then was instructed by the woman in my dreams to Share about this to all my friends at school and to take the book to school and share the story, and let everyone read the story. I thought no one would listen. My book was the most passed around school book that I know it. And they read other stories, Some mocked me and made fun of me... and told me it is just stupid myths and that I should not believe in such things...

The same week I was gifted the pipe, I remember going to Grandpa's and I heard him state. "We are Heinzist's a little bit of everything" So then I researched and researched and never found the word "Heinzist" as being a real word.. as grandpa would say "We are Heinzists not Heinz, that is ketchup, were not ketchup" So I asked Grandpa who taught him that. He said My Grandpa's Grandpa used to always say that..... and His Grandpa, and then him.. So I asked him if it would be alright to Use that and to call my Path Heinzism...

So I went to bed that night thinking my religion finally has a name I am no longer "Mixed belief, as in mixed up" .... "I am now a Heinzist, as in Not Heinz that is ketchup" .....

I woke up and mom the phone was ringing off the hook. People apologised and said it happened! I said what happened? The White buffalo was born! It was Born! ... I am sorry for making fun of you ... you were right?

The Night before her birth.... I had mad another promise to "The Lady" ... the promsie was not to intentionally harm myself ever again, and I had gave myself a tiny tatoo of a Lakota cross over a scar on my wrist. This place on my wrist, was the first place I would start pulling, picking, and digging at when I felt suicidal. So I put the Tatoo there to always remind me of this promise. And It helped me.

The White Buffalo Being born, and My telling my classmates what was happening next, and my therapist.. Had proved to me and them.. .. That I am not crazy, my dreams and visions ARE real... and it was not to long after that when I had also predicted Weyawega, WI derailment and tried to prevent it... WC laughed in my face.. but I could care less. I know that I did what I was suppose to do and all I can do is be the messanger.

This year... I unlike miracle was NOT aware that another Buffalo was coming, However... The Spirits surprised me this time. They all told me. Something really wonderful is going to happen, and I had that anxious childlike feeling I know something good is coming I wonder what is is hardly sit still feeling.

I was outside praying, and Dancing with the Thunder Spirits... Next I know. I see these two giant hands in the cloud. The bottom of the cloud was viscious violant thunder storm, above the cloud was a beautiful rainbow as the hands moved around reached throught to the ground. Somewhere over Janesville. I live in Whitewater, and went to school in Milton. I never realised how close to home any of this was going to be for me...

I then saw the spirits hands raise back above the clouds and folded, then it looked like one was coming towards me.. I of course was about to run inside, as I was not sure if that was a Friendly Spirit with huge hands, or not... and my responce was Holy ___.. No wonder all the kittens I try to tame are so scared of my hands at first, huge giant human hands coming towards you are ARE scary!... It so happened that.. I asked the Spirit permission to take his/her picture.. So that I know I was going crazy. So I ran indoors got my digital camera...

And Snapped this picture... pfft.. is down for maintenance, I'll share a link to it later....

I was praying for peace, and for things to really change. After I took that hand picture byt then the hand was about faded gone in the picture. As before it faded it looked like Real human hands, the lines the tint, all of it in the clouds I was just amazed.. Then it turned into that after I waved, and it fadded into what looked like five lines reminded me of cat scratches... and then looked like the WTC towers faded into a mist, and it fell on where I was standing, in a 12 foot perfect circle, around me no where else. Next I know all the cats and kittens I been trying to tame for months comes wandering up the deck and purring all over me... I was like this is interesting... .. In my path we used catnip as blessing powder.. So it makes me wonder if the Spirits put catnip in that water they through on me! lol...

This all happened the day before they found Miracles Second Chance.

I live in the country just east of the town of Whitewater, and Just 11 miles from Janesville. The Hand I saw was over Southern Janesville when it reached through the clouds... I believe this to be either the Hands of Great Spirit, or the White Buffalo Calf woman... I have not been able to share this with any elders yet other then the online ones I work with... They do know about the Pipe as I have talked with Arvol, and Hand about it as well as others, after I had later on learned of traditional pipe carriers, and barriers, and they explained that it was perfectly fine for me to continue using it as it was not Native American Authentic, but still very special from the woman who made it for me.

My life has been growing more interesting day after day, oh and in 1999 I was released from therapy diagnosed a SAD with slight PTSD symptoms... Which is way far from anything I had thought...

So for my Miracle's birth, and etc. To me... Did save my life, and is what turned me around to continue on my "Heinzist" path that I walk...

Take care,

- Dana C. L.


The Spirit of the Lady comes for all races, and religions to unite in peace and unity.

Christianity calls her Mary, Natives have many names for her as well.

I well I believe "The Lady" of my dreams.. is her. So I call her "The Lady" and whether she is the same guiding spirit or not. She is the guiding spirit that guided me on a path that was needed to change my life around dramatically, as well as help me help others change theirs around. Thanks for letting me share this.

ps. I am Not a Native Elder, I am not a teacher of Native Traditions. I will be glad to share my own experiences, from a Heinzist perspective, but if you are seeking answers about Native American Spirituality, I suggest to go to powwows, or events and gatherings they hold open to the public to seek the answers to your questions....But remember Native Spirituality is very personal so if they choose not to answer that is the reason why.

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Does a white buffalo taste any different than regular buffalo?

That was the most offensive thing I've read here in quite awhile.

Are your beliefs the only true path? If so how do you know? Does belittling other peoples beliefs make yours any truer? How does that make you any less a bully than any other?

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Another rare white buffalo has been born to the same farm in Wisconsin. A prophesy and sign to natives.

<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">3rd rare white buffalo born on Wis. farm </a>

I'm happy you're happy but it seems as if its a genetic trait having them born so close together in the same locale. Now if one of those lovely creatures comes out purple or blue THATS A SIGN!

Brightest Blessings!

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