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  1. I am not convinced one way or the other at this point. I would say that many churches do have commercial interests. It is widely reported. For example the LDS church (Mormons) are building a $3 Billion mall in downtown Salt Lake City. They also own the largest cattle ranch in the US and many other properties. Their finances are kept secret, even to the members. Members are required to give 10% of their income to be considered in good standing.
  2. The early LDS (Mormon) church taught that their was a "Heavenly Mother".
  3. I saw it. It was a pretty good film. I haven't read the book, so I couldn't saw how it compared.
  4. It's just my opinion. Your opinion is wrong!
  5. They give some history on it in the film, but to be honest before that I hadn't heard of him.
  6. They are westerners not midwesterners. If you were a westerner, you would understand why it matters. Edited to add; This is a great movie.
  7. The original release of the 40 year old virgin didn't have nudity. However, an unedited version apparently does. (i can't say for sure I haven't seen it)
  8. This is the day that America kicked some British butt for making us eat blood pudding!
  9. I'm reading Organic Chemistry, Evolutionary Analysis, Essentials of Ecology, America's Black Musical Heritage, Jazz Styles, and Craft of Research. I can't wait til I graduate so I can read something besides a textbook.