Marriage first, Licence second


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I have a couple who wants me to proform their wedding on a Sunday. No problem. However they want to wait until Monday to get the license,  then stop in to see me and have me fill it out.


Ignoring the silliness of this.


Would it even be legal, do I ask them again if they want to wed in Monday with two witness, or just tell this it's not legal? How would I fill out the licence date?


From some googling I saw doing what they request would be a misdemeanor but am not sure how true that is.


They are still planning a ceremony in front of family a month later where I would have to go through the motions again (but just for show).


This is in Ohio, USA

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8 hours ago, RabbiO said:

Which part of illegal are you or they having a problem with?



That was the point in my question. I have assumed it was illegal and cant be done, and am checking if I'm wrong or not? A random Google seemed risky to trust over people (here) who may have faced a couple like this before.

2 hours ago, mark 45 said:

the ceremony has to be conducted after the license is issued.

sounds like a scam to me.

That's what I was figuring too. 


Honestly this couple is making it very messy for no reason. I plan to call the clerks office tomorrow and tell the couple it cant be done they way they are requesting. Its license first.


I just didnt want to tell them no, just for the bride to call the clerk and find out I'm wrong somehow. Shes already called the clerk 3 times about this marriage despite me telling them how it's done.


(I've performed other weddings before them)


Thank you for the help. 

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