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Hello, all:


I thought I would greet you all. I have just applied for ordination today. I am Diego (well, legally Jamison, which I obviously used in my application, but everyone CALLS me Diego). I identify with Lutheranism . That is to say, I believe in the doctrines of that tradition, but do NOT believe it has a monopoly on truth. I was raised Roman Catholic (Tridentine Mass attending in the late 80's and early 90's) and Traditional Anglican. I have studied in my lifetime Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and the LDS Church by attending those services. I had almost become a Monk and Priest in my young years. I have READ about many other religious traditions as well.


So why the ULC? Well, I just find that straight neutral non-sectarian Faith is the way to go, overall. I have pretty traditional views about most things, but also tend to view the world as a multiplicity of standpoints and perspectives.


Well, enough jabbering on my part. I AM glad to be here, and hope to hear from all of you. Peace be with you.

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