Signing marriage certificate, help!!

Jamie Lynn

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Does it matter what I put where it says "printed name and title"? Do I write "Jamie Kosalsky, minister" or "Jamie Kosalsky, Reverend"? 


This is for Michigan by the way and the ceremony is today! I just was given the paperwork before the ceremony to hang on to..




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Hey there, I'm from Michigan too! I think Minister was the right call. Reverend is technically a style and is usually used as an adjective or generic term for member of the clergy, vs. minister which is more in tune with a title. Like a minister could actually be The Reverend Minister So-and-So.

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"Minister" is a good neutral, but still religious title -- that way, there's no misrepresentation.  That's the one I use when I fill out marriage licenses.

One thing that sets you apart from others, though: "The Reverend" is not a title, it is an honorific, like "Sir," or "Mister," or "Mrs." or "The Honorable."  Knowing the difference shows you know what you're doing.

For instance, if you wanted to know why a woman got married, people don't typically ask "Why did you become a Mrs?"  Same kinda thing here -- Reverend is an honorific, "Minister" is the profession.  When someone asks why someone chose to be a judge, it's the same thing as saying "What made your become an Honorable?"

It's the little stuff that sets you apart; and gives you a little more credibility. :D

-- Rev. Samuel
Universal Life Church of Michigan

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