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  1. Hey there, I'm from Michigan too! I think Minister was the right call. Reverend is technically a style and is usually used as an adjective or generic term for member of the clergy, vs. minister which is more in tune with a title. Like a minister could actually be The Reverend Minister So-and-So.
  2. Could make for a nice couple day trip with my wife then!
  3. Good to know resources. I just began a bible study online through AMES International and they use Harvest Time's lessons.
  4. Thanks! I'm in Waterford. It's about a half hour north of Detroit.
  5. Thanks! I'm looking forward to exploring things. I'm studying to be an anthropologist, and religion, primarily Christianity, is my focus right now in my studies. I'm excited to be able to participate in discussions and see what I can do being ordained.
  6. I'm James and just recently been ordained so I thought I'd say hello!