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On 7/7/2016 at 8:52 AM, papaschroder said:

My county requires a notarized signature from a representative of the Church for permission to perform marriages. Is this only done in Modesto or is there another way of obtaining the necessary signatures?

Might this be a "Letter of Good Standing" that is required? If so, that is obtainable via ULC bookstore website.

If not, then I'm sure someone may have an answer for you soon.

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actually key said it right.just send a request to modesto hq,along with a donation($5.00 is nice if you need it notarized).in about a month(if that long)you'll have your  letter of good standing.

strange,notarization is usually a state requirement.hq has a lists of the states that require it.

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On 7/16/2016 at 2:27 PM, papaschroder said:

Thank you all so very much!

You are very welcome. Hope you got what you needed.

Everyone should help a brother or sister out from time to time, as they may need it themselves sometime.

Blessings and peace.

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