Hey, new guys, hot seat anyone?

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As we've had a number of new members join us here at the forum as late, I also happened to notice that no one has been in the hot seat since April of last year, unless my computer is hiding new passages from me.

Hot Seat is where members subject themselves to questions from others in an informal way of getting to know each other. Questions have been fun in past threads. Will someone have a go?

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10 hours ago, RevRalston said:

I'm always up for a challange "sits in the warm seat"  'atleast it"s warm' 

Awesome! Just go to thread titled Hot Seat Sign Up and post your acceptance for the challenge. Maybe Atwater Vitki will see this here as well. He administrates that thread.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Merry meet and blessings.

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I went ahead and started your hotseat topic, mentioning that it may take some time for to start answering questions. Hopefully, when you are ready to start answering, people will have some good questions ready for you.

Remember, you are under no obligation to answer any questions. If you let us know of any topics you wish to be "off limits" we will respect your wishes. You can also PM myself or Atwater Vitki with any related concerns.


Your link...

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15 hours ago, RevRalston said:


Might be a problem with your phone not accepting cookies. This site uses them to keep track of where you've been, I've noticed. Had the same problem when I started using my phone. Went to settings to allow cookies and haven't had trouble since. But be aware, with cookies allowed, you have to be diligent regarding the safety of visiting other sites on web via phone browser.

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20 hours ago, Atwater Vitki said:

Well this is embarrassing...my email was down for several days so just now saw the Hot Seat sign up request. Looks like Mere had it covered!

Blessings of Peace,

Not as you think. I visited the thread Mere started as Hot Seat for Rev Ralston, but found I couldn't post there myself to ask questions of my own. What gives?

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3 hours ago, RevRalston said:

Il re do a new topic i'll copy paste to a new tpic to answer questions that should fix that. Simple fix. Ill start my hot seat there to coorect our issuses.

It appears the issues have been corrected already. Thanks for the notice, though.

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