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Getting back a bit... if anyone is worried about the level of their chi- I recommend at the least getting the 3,000+ gauss magnets from Roaring Lion Publishing. Even if your only doing standing meditation on them, your chi will skyrocket.

Will the magnets affect the alien implants in my head?

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Guest rev khbostic

Murphzlaw,I tried to edit back my spiel last yr to no avail,a couple times.Then one guy was saying like if you want to cancel your acct here ,just say so,generally,to everyone,so I said OK,cancel mine,also to no avail.I came back maybe 9 mo later to see if it was still here,it still was,ie,my acct.Must be Hotel California,like you can check in any time you want,but you can never leave...Lyrics from the Eagles.

Feldgangende,concerning magnets,I got a 50 lb magnet attached to my keyring Ive carried the past 23 yrs,any similarities?As far as implants I believe the govtis doing implants,maybe sinuses,gut ,bones,behind cartilage...I saw a picture of one in a X ray in a hand ,like a identi chip they put in pets,so,it stands to reason they may do them for other things.

A article from the 80s I saw/Detroit News I believe,had the FBI kidnapping pets and putting bugs in them,then putting the animals back with their owners,as well as piggie backing bugs on radio speakers...I saw a article where Some law enforcement were having I D chips put in as implants to pass security checkpoints fast,in Mexico and the USA,shades of the Bourne Ultimatum movie,so its not past the realm of reason ,to believe the Law may do implants on someone without consent while in hospital for something/

Oh,my older brother,Byron M, had a 1 yr electronics technician rating and did repairs for some law enforcement people in California/Long Beach area,ended up doing security systems on affluent peoples homes like alarms and cam systems by he job or by the hr,25 bucks a hr back around 1975.Then he got a mechanics certificate as well from long beach comm college,ironic ,isn t it? 25 bucks a hr is like detectives salary,isn t it coincidental? with the triple w in front were selling wholistic therapeutic magnets.

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I never saw a post requesting account deletion. If you wish your account deleted, that's easily done. Send me a message. If you don't want to post here, you can stop coming; no one is making you return here to post just because you have an active account.

MY post was in regards to your signature, which takes up more than half a page and is very difficult to get through.

So I learned that we can ignore individual signatures when they become cumbersome or overbearing to regular posters.

I'm not sure what you mean "you tried to edit back your spiel to no avail." I will say that I do find some (many) of your postings very difficult to read, due to formatting.

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