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I know I talk about our "kitty clan" here all the time and how we're a crossroads, it seems, for so many strays that come through the area, but we had one major "Yaaaay! moment" yesterday!

When our neighbor moved out in October 2011, he left his one cat "Moon" and only took his other one "Bucky". We contacted him by mail, left messages with friends and family and got no reply. We even stopped him driving through our neighborhood one day and he said he'd "be right back with a carrier" ...that was the week before Christmas and we haven't seen him since.

The management here in our complex has "warned us" several times about feeding "Moon" on our front steps, but she'll have nothing to do with elsewhere. With the freezing weather, we also put out a box and blanket for her. We've put up ads on Craiglist® and done everything we can think of to find her a home, being a spayed, outdoor cat, you wouldn't think it would be that hard...but sift through the seemingly thousands of "Free to a Good Home" ads everywhere and the problem of abandoned pets is obvious.

Yesterday Kay said "Let's go see if can find his new place." as we had a rough idea where he lived...low and behold his girlfriend just happened to be out front and said "YES!! I've been trying to get him to take me over there to get her but he thinks I have too many cats already!" Sort of she does, but she's a loving human of cats and always seems to take good care of them.

"Moon" is now in a warm and dry home, well taken care of and reunited with her buddy "Bucky"...they were inseparable before he moved.

So with the many sad things happening to pets everywhere and the grief we feel for some of our Members here in the dilemmas they face, it seems prayers can be answered. So pray for those in need! The proof of it being effective is reunions for one and the many stories of healing we read everyday...our vet has a "Miracle Wall" where folks can post their personal pet's unbelievable how many victories there are due to the love and compassion of pet's in the care of loving humans.

Blessings of Peace,

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