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Our "Orange Boy", The Hemet, came back from a traumatic 2½ minute ride to the vets...poor guy has a bladder infection. We just noticed on Friday, 6pm of course at the closing time for our veterinarian, he whimpered a bit while trying to pee. Fortunately we had some amoxicillian left over from the kitten's ordeal a couple months ago and even though the liquid had expired, the powered form we had was just on its exp date so we started that Friday night as we couldn't think of anything else to try and help him with.

If you've ever had any kind of urinary tract infection you know how painful that is. An hour before the vet appt this morning I did the literally dirty deed of collecting a urine sample, straight into the collection bottle...(yes that's a 'picture' fur yur heds!!! :unsure: ) ....and a :fear: was in order as it was almost completely blood...thankfully, that was a "good sign" though. Good in that it meant his Crystalistic Blockage had broken loose and he could pee again, bad of course in that...THAT HURTS! Crystaline granules can form in the urinary tract from a cat not getting enough water.

Of course we always have fresh water available and grass, but that doesn't mean they'll drink or eat what's available to them. With the recent heat, last ten days of 100º+ and Hemi insisting on being out, he obviously got dehydrated and therefore wasn't peeing 2-3x's per days as required for good kitty health. We always "count clumps", but with 5 cats using 3 boxes, and them "going outside", well, we just didn't notice his lack of p'ing....until Friday evening.

It seems, according to the vet, that cats are susceptible to bladder/urinary tract infections for a number of reason, Number 1 is dehydration, but most of the other sources don't apply to domestics. Too much dry "crunchy" cat food of low quality (generics) can be a reason and picking up any number of infectious dis-eases from strays are the secondary causes. We'll know tomorrow the exact cause when the lab calls back with the sample results.

Besides all the commercialism and "scientific evidence" most major brand cat/dog foods are just fine for your pet. Ours have a particular liking to Original & Seafood Medley Meow Mix™ and Friskies or Whiskas wet, chunky canned meats... Salmon and Turkey with Cheese being their all time favs.

Wheat Grass and Water

Of course, fresh water, (NOT the toilet bowl fellas! :doh: we use Britta filtered for us and the kittie's water in a low lipped/sided bowl, changed daily (2x daily if 3 or more drink from same bowl) should be available to your pet 24/7 and cats should have some grass available...we buy bulk seed and Kay always has a couple of flower pots going at a time....however, you can always just get Wheat Grass from your local supermarket. I'm sure most any cat owner knows about the poor food and stray dis-eases, but the wheat grass is something I'm finding few are aware of...but it is there, right under your nose at the market! There's a couple of different Cooking grasses usually in the same spot, but the wheat grass seems to be the one recommended by the veterinarian for your kitty (over in the veggie aisle at the market) that comes in its own little plastic pot. It'll die in 36 hours without fresh water and does die after about 8-10 days, but a tri-monthly $2-3 is a thrifty way to keep Kitty happy for digestion as well as a great source of WATER as grass is 85% water by weight.. Yes, it's and messy thing between the little shreds all around the pot and then of course the eventual uuuurp!, but so well worth it for kitty in many ways. They do not digest fur for one thing, as anyone cleaning up sausage link size "cacks" knows, but if they don't do that, it's not a $85-100 vet visit, it could be in the thousands if full blown surgery is needed for several different types intestinal/bowel blockages.

Amoxicillian (Anti-biotics)

If you can get your vet to give you the powder form of anti-biotic it will keep for up to 3 months in your refrigerator. Mix, with water, only what you may need for one ailment. If you have people amoxicillian in tablet form, keep in fridge, crush one tab/cap-let and mix with 1/4 cup water you want about a 10% solution and give 1liquid milli-gram per pound of kitty orally (about one line .1 graduated on syringe) in an emergency only...like here our vet was closed over the weekend...but always consult your veterinarian first. I've posted in some other topic some great websites for kitty's health. Always use caution with your pets and NEVER give cats aspirin as it is toxic to them as is chocolate in most cases. (I did have a cat once that would fight me over my dark chocolate baking chips (my favorite snack) and after the vet okayed it (blood test) he wasn't one affected by chocolate), but it is very common and usual for them to be allergic to chocolate and can cause anaphylactic shock.

Always give anti-biotics as prescribed for the full number of days and dosage, but never use these as your first defense. anti-biotics in animals is like humans, if used too often can cause their own immune system to become unaffected by the use when needed.

Anyways, anyone who may wish to send some healing energies or prayers Hemet's way, I'm sure he'd appreciate it! At 15 pounds, he's a big ol' boy, but one of them sensitive types!! :rolleyes:

Blessings of Peace,

So, after I post this weeks Hot Seat victim Member I'm off to go console our "Good Boy da Hemi" with some extra lap and bankie time! Not that ours are spoiled at all :blink: ...getting out of our recliners is usually quite the effort as first, unpile 2-3 cats, get lap blankets outta da way, then get up, then re-do bankies and cats, then recline...yup marathon sometimes!

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No UTI, but had a 10mm kidney stone. It's like shoving a porcupine through a garden hose. I feel for the poor furry little bugger. My ex used to get UTIs from time to time tho. Does cranberry juice work for cats, and can you get them to drink it?

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Weeeellll...we can try the cranberry juice...buuuut.... :unsure: Yeah, po'poki o' Hemet. (Hawaiian for cat...the story goes when the first missionaries arrived Mrs. Bechtel had a tabby with her and in those days got off the boat by rowing skiff and then walked onto shore in the surf. As she did she saying "Poor poor Kitty"! Poor poor kitty, please get him a dry blanket!". The Hawaiians, who had never seen a cat, then thought "po'poki" was what the furry critters were called.)

As far as the Kidney Stopnes goes.....OMG! :fear::fear: 10MM? And I thought my itty bitty, tinsy winsy 2 & 3mm hurt....what am I complaining about??? :blink: Funny thing is though whether grain of sand size, 2mm or 10mm...that's one porcupine that you'll NEVER forget!! Am I right? I thought I was run through the kidney with a bayonet and then beat with a baseball bat in the "home spot" during mine...NO FUN...but got a really cute nurse to console me! I had a crush on her for years she was so sympathetic and nice...even brought me a ice cream sundae on her off duty day...now that's Patient Care! :rolleyes:

I was told by my female doctor when I had my "series" of kidney stones (5 in 2½ years age 15-17) it's the closest a "man" will ever know what natural child birth is like. The Doc had both stones and kids and she said "flip a coin" as to which hurt more!

Blessings of Peace, and Hemi says "MwrrOWerow" to the juice... me tinkin' dats a NO!

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Yeah, it was borderline whether they were gonna have to go in and get it. Next time I'll pay the five grand for the procedure. Heck, they can take my house and truck too. There were a couple smaller ones that preceded it, I think once the plumbing starts to stretch you're in for a really rough ride. The doc said the same thing to me, comparing it to childbirth. Made me want to punch her so I presume she was right. :D

Ahh well, I know the CJ worked like a charm every time my gal was suffering from bladder infections, thought it might be worth a try. I've found amoxy to be great stuff though, hopefully he won't be miserable for long. I'll still keep him in my prayers, anything to help hurry the process along. Watch the salt content of his food for a bit, if there are calculi forming that's the last thing he needs.

Thanks for the tip about aspirin.. haven't had a whole lot of experience with cats. I'm sure you know, but it never hurts to remind everyone - don't give ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen to dogs either, even a little bit can be fatal. Dogs can tolerate aspirin, but I'd still recommend consulting a vet before giving them any.

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Yeah, my sister (when she was still alive) had a male cat that had this same problem. It actually happened twice to the poor fellow. The vet told her that it is male cats that are the most likely to get the bladder infection and that it is commonly caused by a change in diet (ie., changing from one brand of cat food to another brand). I don't know if cranberry juice works on cats (although it is said their digestive tract is quite similar to humans) but it might be worth a try. Another thing that works very well in humans and is what I have always recommended to friends, neighbors and relatives is Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uvi-ursi). A tea or better yet - tincture tea works wonders on bladder infections. I usually wild collect the herb (leaves) because it is fairly common in northern Minnesota (it's a boreal species). However, you may be able to find the tincture ready made at your local health food store (if you have one). Most prepared tinctures are labelled "Uvi-Ursi."

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