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On Sunday the beloved and I had a beautiful walk, about 4 miles to a farm where we picked our own strawberries, before walking about 2 more miles back to where we could catch the bus home.

At one point, us carrying about 12 lbs of strawberries, the footpath runs between a hedge on the left and a wire fence on the right. Beyond the fence was some overgrown bushes and weeds rising up to a train line.

As we came down the path, a small furry critter dashed through the hedge, whisked across the path, and disappeared into the weeds beyond the fence. It looked like a long thin ground hugging rat, but with pleasanter ears.

A second later another one hurtled across the path into the weeds.

B was back up the path a way, having a P. I stood quite still and saw the weeds moving about: the critter was creeping back down the slope. It lifted up its head and looked at me. I could see its nose twitch and the sunlight shining through its ears as it peered at me. Suddenly it turned tail.

The other one was also creeping up to have a closer look at me. I couldn't see it, but I heard it make a noise - something between a squeak and a sneeze from a very small nose. I mimicked the sound back at it. It came nearer (still out of sight) and vocalised again, louder. I repeated the sound. It came closer again, and again repeated the sound - it seemed to me more vehemently. I saw the leaves move as it sat up to look at me. (picture me standing in sunlight with a weasel saying 'You're another one" to each other, with me trying not to giggle). Then B came down the path and the two vanished again. It all amused me very much.

When we got to the corner of the hedge we saw that there was a poultry farm behind it, which probably explains the weasels' interest: fresh eggs.

Also on the walk we saw two hares in a field, crowds of swallows, and quite a lot of skylarks. But I only managed any back-chat with the weasels.

Then we went home and made strawberry jam... mmm mmmm mmmm.

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Aren't those chance encounters something to behold? Every time Kay and I have such experiences it is something we chatter about for hours...it's always such a Blessing sent from the Creator in our thinking.

And yes, when a person mimics the sound it's always funny to see the expressions on the animals...sorta like when someone foreign to a language speaks with their "funny accent" we do the cocked head look and smile thingy...but then as I always say, it would be twice as funny the other way around as I can barely speak my native tongue, let alone human or animal in whatever is natural to them! I am a constant source of crack ups and laughter to my Swedish relatives when I try speaking Swede...I just can't seem to "get it".

And then, to end the walk-about with home made strawberry jam! Oh my, what a purely stupendous and miraculous day you had!!

Blessings of Peace,

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I wish I could show you just how beautiful it is around here: North Norfolk, UK...

I have done a little picture surfing, and it IS very nice.... but I am in Virginia..... it is hard to find prettier countryside than what I enjoy on a regular basis.... and yes, Bluecat - I DO take a moment or two every day to appreciate that fact !! As you apparently do as well. :)

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Hey Brother Michael - I've seen pics of Virginia and it looks lovely!

We're lucky people!

It's funny - I had to travel all over the United States to fully appreciate where I live, but now I appreciate it every day....

"Mountains to sea" is what they put on the Virginia license plate ( well, one of them ).... I've lived on the beaches of Va. Beach, to the Mountains in Floyd county Va.... Virginia has it all - at a nice temperature and humidity - no serious bug problem - no large base of poisonous snakes and spiders... a bit of wildlife left to see... and friendly southern folks..... sigh....

we ARE lucky.... :lol:

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