Rev. Kristan Davis

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correction,our ordainment is recognized by all 50 states.however our right to conduct a legal marrige ceremony is not.most county clerks if you talk to them will tell you that,even when you are leagel in your state.

read the pinned section at the top,or better,use that as a start to look at your states laws yourself.

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Legal, legal for what ? you can preach, you can do funerals, baptise people , start a worship service and everything a preacher does everywhere except for weddings. Weddings is a government license that they control. And what church can or can't do weddings is a government issue, in the US a state issue

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Congradualtions! :thumbu:

As for legal you are ordained as a minister so generally anything a minister can do you can do if no license is required. That means generally counseling and performing marriages. All the other authority and common practice is custom and privileges afforded to ministers. Even if your title is Prophet. :coffee:

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