~ Just A Poem-type Writing...


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Burning asphalt imbedded with prints

that burn the nostrils

and so it's another day. In L.A.

Hear the freeway? That passes above beyond.

Our dreams spray-painted on walls close by

happy commuters with cafe lattes whine with bright wheels

Quick! Don't look don't see the primitive life...

It's just a drive-by, a passing frown at natives.

See though? See for a moment?

Dark and frightened and hopeful and wishing

just trying to capture maybe a thought

of those existing behind the freeway.

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~ Just a dab of yolk-type humor :blush: Sorry! I'm just trying to crack a joke & sometimes...

Well, it's hard {That's right. I didn't say boiled! Come on... Gotta coddle sometimes!}

OK, O'm let it it go & stop.

It's a wicked wind that whispers RUN!!!

My feet stay where they're lead

And so yet my mind crawls with every leaf that flies

Away with my skin and eyes.

... Don't know where that came from! Like a burp sometimes.

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