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    always seeking for the right women
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    southlake tahoe ca

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    seeking God daily!! walk the walk is to talk the talk
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    non demonational crishtian

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    retired young
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  1. revmyron


    been a long time since ive been in here im myron revg myron tryed to change my password got a hole bunch of numbers can soemone help me with instrutions to change my pass word when im in the website thanks
  2. well seem like the right thing to do at the time a security blanket thank you ulc revmyron miller
  3. hey you are gorgeous welcome glad to see gorgeous women for once

  4. yea i have really cool garfeild cat lets see garfeild blow up the energiser bunnie !!!!
  5. sugar free please no sugar achoul either
  6. would do better in a friar tuck robe but sweats work to
  7. lets ace this problem maker who's lives have been lost due to ego and pride and make busch and his alter egos worm food once and for all..
  8. the irs agents all came in really quick to find out the damage than all of a sudden capt kangaroo shot trhough the debris and rev myron
  9. that they went to a bill grahm crusade looking for the
  10. then all of a sudden these to girls dressed in only 2 pieace bathing suits wheeked in a buffet food cart to help fatten the fat man that there trying to collect a life insurance policy to help finance there secret spy tools and suddenly the
  11. the sky is blue the grass is green get off your ass and join the marines.. When i did once was enough rev.myron