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  1. thank you, Songster. This was my first oil painting out of the classroom. It was a gift to my dad this last holiday. I do all kinds of creations. I paint, draw, carve, sculpt, bead, ... all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately our economy doesn't support artists very well unless you do really bizarre stuff which I really don't care to discuss right now. I'm having a late night, can't sleep, stuff on my brain kinda night...sigh. One of these days I'll get a website of some kind up to show my works. And, thankyou for the welcome.
  2. Doubt: doubt is the perspective of waiting on a witness to what makes something proved, or what makes a motive to act. i have no problem with doubt at all, its the foundation of critical thought. b/w/gray: my belief system is consistently challenged by the Holy Spirit who loves to play havoc with my pride, I fall back on doubt that I know anything at all I am the way I am because it is important to the creation that I be so. certainty is confirmation to take action or to have faith in an outcome, that meaning that the outcome will be profitable and beneficial to the person(s) needing it. when I have had two or three or more witnessing events in my life to take an action ...I am certain that I best get off my butt and get on it.
  3. this is an oil painting i did this last summer. i'm a full time student going for a BA of Visual Arts and a BA of Psychology I love to create, but I hate to compete...LOL I'm open for commissions though...if anyone was interested. I can always use the bucks.
  4. possibly. by definition holiness is that which is closest/closer to God by choice. that being submitted to the will and plan of God, and basically denial of the fleshly desires. what we do to promote life doesn't necessarily have to do with desire, but perhaps just love. however what we do that is destructive to life/survival is very much a choice of desire, generally relative to prideful choice. Survival as a term for the purpose of the development of the creation is a really good choice of word. good point.
  5. fun topic. I have rescue sister cats. From a farm where they were born wild in a barn. The farmer found them and thought to drown them all, but the child in the family insisted they be taken to the local farm vet. I had just had my bobcat mix put to rest from a long life of 17 years (he was ready to go home), and they told me about the kittens. So I accepted two sisters, they were delivered to me on Thanksgiving day last year. I named them Grace and Faith. They are both calico, one more brindle than the other and they have their own distinct language and behaviors and I love them for it. Grace is chatty and verbal, and a drama queen, she has a large butt and likes to swing it like Queen Latifah. Faith on the other hand is a hunter and very quiet most of the time, she likes to bring me gifts of birds and voles. They both hang out in my grapevine over my roof hiding beneath the great leaves. I did have a hybrid wolf some years back and he didn't bark, he woofed. There was a very real difference to his sounds, his growls were fierce and his body language was powerful. But with me, he would sometimes be a whining baby, despite his 123 lbs of muscle and incredible power. Wolve mixes have a more aloof personality to them, as if they demand the human associating with them to step up from the level of the domestic dog. I'd show you a pic, but I have to change the pixel sizes first and I'm too lazy right now.
  6. it is my understanding that the difference between evil and sin is that sin is anyone missing the goal of being closer to holiness. the common denominator in the equation of defining evil from good is joy. Joy is the feeling of pride that comes with accomplishment. one might define evil by the pride and joy taken in whatever action is taken that provides a result of hurting/sadism/destruction/whatever it is that is negative growth and life. goodness would be that joy of accomplishment that results in reward/growth/uplifting/profit/expansion/and what promotes development in a positive way. methinks.