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    Attachment Parenting, Feminism, LGBTQ, Natural Childbirth, Substance Use Disorders, Gardening, Religion, Spirituality, Vegetarian, Music, Yoga, Group Hugs.
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    Substance Abuse Counselor/Wife/Mama
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I vacillate between totally chill and totally fired up. After studying a number of the world's religions, I've come to the conclusion that I mostly agree with the things they have in common and mostly disagree with the things they don't, leaving me comfortable in my agnosticism and leaving others to settle into the beliefs (or lack thereof) which most resonate with them. I am married to a staunch atheist, which keeps things interesting. I am an outspoken feminist and an activist for the LGBTQ community. I have 1.5 children (my daughter is nearing three and my son is due in late January) and my role as their mother is my primary priority. I am also fortunate to do very rewarding (though often exhausting) work as a substance abuse counselor working with criminal offenders on probation.

Over all, I'm a big ol' hippie who just wants us all to take care of each other and love one another. <3