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  1. Prayers and healing energy being sent. Update us when you can please.
  2. You are so good at keeping up on everyone's birthday...we sure can't bypass yours! May all of your wishes come true my friend!!!
  3. Oh my gosh...what a wonderful picture. Have I mentioned what a handsome man you are???


  4. I just watched some show where he, Tim and Carol were talking about the show. It brought back a lot of memories...(I think they were selling DVD's of the best of Carol Burnette). Ever notice how you seldom heard anything bad about the older generation celebrities...and if you did, it was real bad but few and far between?
  5. Love and energy to you Matt! (PS. You've been missed)
  6. I miss you...here and at Tribal.

  7. Happy Birthday Sweetie! May all of your wishes come true!

    Love Always,


  8. Hmm...what was this topic about anyway???
  9. I'm glad you're back with us!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Sweetie! May all of your wishes come true!


  11. You might like my forum...come on over...



  12. You are soooo adorable in your avatar!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! Have a great day!

  14. Happy Birthday Mike!!! Hope it's a great one!

  15. Late next week huh? Hmm!!! As always Phil...I love it!
  16. I too am solitary and not Wiccan BUT this looks pretty accurate and it looks like a beautiful ritual.
  17. You make me smile...Thanks Sweetie!

  18. I truly like my cowboys in Wranglers...BUT...we picked up a movie the other night that I, cowgirl snob that I am, turned my nose up at...and watched every moment...loving it. HIDALGO!!! See the movie...excellent!!!
  19. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! May all of your wishes come true!!!


  20. You're a sweetie...and a good friend. Thank you!