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    Happily married
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    Nehvizdy, Czech Republic

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    Literature (prose & poetry alike), religion & philosophy, history, photography (B&W and night photography in particular), movies, music (from opera and symphonies through the big band era up to 60's and beyond, jazz, assorted country music, trance & rave & acid & house, good old hard rock and much, much more), writing, airports, flying, beauty of the forest, flow of the water, women, intelligent conversation about almost anything... not enough yet?
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    epicurean agnostic/apatheist

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  1. _OC

    Happy birthday & wish well!

  2. it's good to be remembered, murph :-) thanks!

  3. It's like going back home, brother Thank you!
  4. hey I haven't see you for a while you haven't change a bit still the same tricks and treats like then at Cana I mean water into wine what a hoot man anyway how do they call you these days? are you popular yet? or is it still the same song like then? I mean hey you can walk on water but have you ever had to run on welfare checks? got any miracle up in your sleeve? we need some here, man
  5. Happy Birthday Sweetie! May all of your wishes come true!


  6. I was happy to be at Roger Waters' concert here in Prague and it almost shoot me right through the ceiling - the pure energy of the no-nonsense music was enough. Everything else was pretty much spartan - I mean, no laser-show, no fireworks... For my money, I've got what I wanted: the man with his band, producing a solid piece of music big enough to choke an elephant. Personally, it was way better than any show by PF. I don't need to see the fireworks-lighted sky to taste the wonder of their music.