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  1. Jinx! I almost posted that one last night and decided it was too obscure. Loved that song, even though I don't think I have ever really totally heard it (ya know... the hearing thing...). I think the one guy in the background that sings the response line "Somewhere down the crazy river" (can't think of his name off hand) sounds like he's had someone's hands around his neck a little too long. But that's one opinion.
  2. Best line I heard in a while: "If the groundhog sees his shadow this year, I'm gonna' slap his mama." -- Al Roker on the Weather Channel this morning.
  3. Cyber candle lit on my site. Others are welcome to also light them there. No fire hazards or code violations.
  4. Thank you for all your hard work, the sacrifices you and your families make, and everything you do to serve your country. I know a thank you once a year is hardly enough, but know you are always in my thoughts and prayers and you are NEVER forgotten.
  5. For me, Halloween has always been a religious holiday, so I tend to see it as part of that. October 31 is All Hallows Eve, to remember those who have left us, and November 1 is All Saint's Day, to remember those departed whose values guide us. On October 31, I usually wear all black, my color of times of reflection. On November 1, I usually wear all white, my funeral color. Unless I know it will offend someone, I traditionally wear white at funerals, because I have always held the value that funerals are not a time of sadness, but a "going home" to one's creator - something that should be met with joy.
  6. Well it has been clearly proven that coffee has prevented many a person from committing acts of homocide or at the very least prevented someone from "going upside someone's head." This is especially true in the customer service sector. If they ever took away the caffeine, the world would need to conduct all business transactions by internet and pick up all packages from secure lock boxes with no human interaction.
  7. You just made me smile thinking of an old movie reference based on a reference to an even older television commercial: In the movie "Airplane," a passenger asks the flight attendant for a second cup of coffee, to which the viewers hear a voiceover of his wife thinking "that's strange... he NEVER has a second cup at home," the tag line for the commercial. At my night job, it is a running joke between the owner/operator and me that my only benefit here is the free coffee. I do take full advantage of the "benefits package."
  8. I can't drink that high-test stuff. I have to take the light mix. Actually, I'm coming up on tea season. Once the temperature gets below a certain point, I generally have a pot of tea going all day. I still need to get up a couple times a night on days off to have a cup of coffee and go back to sleep. If I don't keep my caffeine balanced, I get nasty withdrawal symptoms.
  9. Let's lift a mug to the beverage that has prevented many homicides and at least one suicide - but enough about me. I still love the term one of my former professors from an early morning course dubbed coffee - "starter fluid."
  10. FrCorey beat me to the draw. My own ministry, Enlightened Souls Ministries is very much a ULC ministry. If I chose to ordain someone, they would be ordained as a member of my ministry, but not as clergy of the ULC itself. For that reason, anyone who approaches me for ordination is referred to the Modesto headquarters, or to this forum, where Br. Kevin has been accepted by headquarters to accept ordination requests and then forward them to HQ for processing. I can not ordain on behalf of HQ and have no agreement with HQ to forward requests, so I can not represent myself as able to process ordinations for HQ. Neither can the Monestary at this time, yet they seem to enjoy leading people to believing they are of the same cloth as HQ. This is no longer accurate. If you want to represent yourself as clergy affiliated with Modesto, the only way there is through Modesto, or through an approved site who will forward the request to Modesto. As far as the Monestary being a church, technically they are. Where there is no confusion, however, is that they can not and do not speak for Modesto.
  11. If you are asking whether you are ordained through the Monestary or the Seattle, Washington incarnation, I would refer you to them. If you are asking whether you are ordained through the Universal Life Church, based in Modesto, California, the simple answer is no, as they terminated affiliation with the monestary following a hostile takeover. This is a statement released a few years ago regarding the issue: If trying to reach the church headquarters online, be careful. The Modesto headquarters is ulchq.COM where the monestary has taken over ulchq.ORG in an attempt to lead people astray. Other contact information taken directly from the Headquarters website: Universal Life Church, Headquarters 601 Third St. Modesto, CA 95351 Office Ph: 209-527-8111 Fax: 209-527-8116 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00 pm Hope this clears things up. If you want to be certain to be ordained through Modesto, you can always apply through this forum or through the link on the headquarters site. All the best.
  12. Everybody sing: Great green gobs of greasy grimy pontiff parts....
  13. And that would be worse than "reality" television how? (Other than you can't smell the rot through the television).
  14. Well, spelling is a relatively new thing in lingustics, so maybe these men read "become popes" as "become pops."
  15. This is no worse than the daily headlines that scream that a bank was held up by a Black man or that a murder was commited by a Hispanic Man. The crime has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the perp. Media sells best when it evokes a reaction - unfortunately the best sales come from negativity.
  16. I don't use a dryer on my hair, either. But after 6 knee jobs, and more orthopaedic devices than any child should know about, I learned to keep an "itch blaster" within reach. I think they should be standard issue with any cast until they develop casting materials that breathe. Don't be tempted by the tip that some use to blow powder or cornstarch into the cast. While the cornstarch is the better option, it will soak up any perspiration then turn to gum -- blecccch. Then it will harbor bacteria and cause... that's right -- itching! Air is good. Try not to scratch or put things in the cast.... It can cause problems. But even if you can borrow a hair dryer from someone, the fresh air will feel good.
  17. Take a hair dryer on the air setting (cold) and blow air gently from the top of the cast. It keeps the cast from building sweat and will help reduce the itch.
  18. Umm.. no meatloaf for me. I just LOVE the salad, though.... I remember as a kid the great rumours about the golden horseshoes, err... arches, serving horsie. Everyone sing the Big Mac song: Two pony patties Whatzit sauce Lettuce Cheez Pickuls Hunions served on yesterday's buns. Pictures a LOL Cat: I can haz cheezburger?
  19. Is it a bad sign that the few times I've had to be on Vicodin (last three knee jobs, back), I still felt a great deal of pain with the stuff in my system? From what I'm told that stuff can drop large animals, so I can only imagine how much pain I would have been in untreated. But this is about you. Sending you healing energy for a full and quick recovery. It stinks that your excercise routine is interrupted. I wish I had the discipline to commit to an excercise program. Right now to maintain my weight, I have two exercises I am forcing myself to do: the water bottle lift and the fork drop. Besides I do have my favorite workout: every day I bench about 10 to 20 coffee cups! Did I make you grin or are the drugs that good? Seriously, feel better soon.
  20. Honorary mention goes to the fathers and non-fathers who take time to mentor others. You might have given up a moment of your time for someone else, but the gift lasts forever.
  21. May the healing hands of the Creator, giver of all life, hold Chester now and heal him, taking away his pain and restoring him to full health.
  22. Nah.... He just worked for a really good catering company.
  23. Out buying some stain to preserve that beam in his eye. (as referenced in Matthew 7:5)