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  1. Thank you very much =) I guess now I must find out whether that particular ULC church is an organization that I wish to be affiliated with.
  2. I have just one more question. If the ULC in Washington thinks/believes they are a church, can they be mistaken or (heaven forbid)out & out *lying* to me? Can an entity, such as ULC monastery in Seattle, *claim* to be a church, but they aren't really a church and therefor should not send out ordination credentials? I'm guessing I have to check with Washington state? or Arizona state, where I actually live. I'm just very confused about whether the Monastery is a church or just some rogue entity that has taken money from me ... I paid (not a lot of money - seven dollars, I think) to obtain a credential from the Monastery. So, i guess what I really need to know is whether they are actually a church or just an internet fraud. I wonder where I may obtain truthful information about whether the Monastery is really a church. Again ... State of Washington, where they are based from? State of AZ, where I live? I promise I will check the validity ... i just don't know where to find out whether the Monastery is actually a church.
  3. I was ordained by the ULC Monatery and received an alarming email from a former member thereof. The claim is that I am not legally ordained because my ordination was signed by someone who did not have the authority to sign such a credential. How can I find out the truth about a credential that came from Seattle, Washington and was signed by Chaplain Brother Martin? I will use due diligence to go to a credible source (NOT Wikipedia) to determine the truth. I know I will not receive legal advice in this forum. I would appreciate suggestions as to where I may find accurate information, as in, perhpas the State of Washington? State of Arizona? Thank you very much