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  1. This is so saddening. There was a church in Little Rock, Arkansas, that had the copper stolen from their HVAC on FIVE seperate occasions(my last count from the news). This with a 10 ft high fence.
  2. Hrmm, if you read this could you contact me via the usual email or IM if you'd like. Thanks.

  3. Another good host is Not only do they have call numbers, but they have a builtin text chat room for the call. The amount of callers is relatively unlimited(one show had 250(?) callers in his show). If you were looking toward the revenue side you get a fixed amount for the first 10 shows you do of $50(ie guaranteed that amount for the first shows, ie $5 an show). The only reason I suggest it is I've heard from people that that BlogTalkRadio has on occasion deleted episodes or even entire shows. Usually without explanation or ability to fix something before they delete it.
  4. Not a huge fan of metal, but if Ozzy says their good and he's had them on tour on Ozzfest, then they are alright by me. Listened to a few snippets on their site and its not bad. Strange though. I saw her on the VH1 awards presenting Ozzy and I was like what the holy *. Who would of guessed.
  5. Well wishes to the Hensley family. Reverend William R. Jacoby
  6. Nicole Kidman hot? Her forehead is as huge as the side of a battleship.
  7. Gotta love Murphz, he sure hates kitties. Now he's got some terrorist kitty shooting up who knows what poor innocent doggies. With Murphz we shall bring these kitties to justice.